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Drop-in gatherings - 90 minute information sessions + live Q+A with varying teaching topics.


Upcoming Classes:

Energy 101 + Energy 202

Energy 101 - Energetic Awareness - understand Energy from a mind-body-spirit-global perspective. Recognize + prevent energy leaks + drains, while making links to our bodies.

Energy 202 - Practical Tools for Energetic Alignment - adding these tools + active skills to your life adds more purpose, alignment, balance + clarity. Key Self Care strategies

I hope to see you there!

Please share with your friends + family. 
These classes are fun + informative. You have the choice to participate by typing in questions or by sitting back, tuning in + maintaining your privacy. Each class is about 90 mins on zoom so anyone can join in from anywhere! 

Next Mindful Moments - To Be Announced

I am so excited about teaching all of our favourite mind body spirit topics live again this year!
Can’t make it to the live?
Connect with me to purchase the replay.


All sessions are drop-in + held on Zoom

$88.80 per session per person

To join, select the session + the Zoom link will then be emailed to you.



Uniquely Focused Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment Sessions

-Mindful Moments classes are offered throughout the year, usually once or twice per month

-they are online classes, join with your camera on or off to maintain privacy

-each gathering is 60-90 mins long + wraps with time for Q+A

These group sessions act as alignment accelerators teaching us how to bring our thoughts, emotions + bodies into balance + wholeness. Connecting in a group setting with like minded souls helps individuals to experience consistent improvement + growth in your personal vibrational frequency while promoting the shedding of old skin + bringing us into quick solid alignment in all ways - body mind + soul.


Any time you connect + are inspired to learn about a certain topic in a group setting it is so powerful + so much fun. 

Past topics to date have included:

- Emotions + the Body Connection

- Demystifying Our Physical Pains

- Energy 101 + 202

- Our Sensitive Children

- Our 12 Chakra System

- Focused Energetic Hygiene Practices

Reserve your space below by booking now.

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