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Does it matter what type of session or journey I book first?


Not at all! Trust that whatever you are drawn to is what session is right for you!

No matter how we connect + for how long, there will be enough time to kickstart + initiate your healing in order for it to then act as a major catalyst for any desired personal change growth + freedom in your life. Each time we connect, the body’s smart system - all aspects of the mind, body + soul - will continue to integrate the learnings from the session.



Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my session? 


The short answer to this is No! 

Just be you. 

Best to just come as you are.

To drop any agendas + expectations + to show up ready to receive.


Trust what got you to this point to begin with. You are clearly meant to be here, so placing complete faith + trust that exactly what is for your highest + best interest, will, in fact surface + be released.


As I may have mentioned before, for these virtual sessions, some clients like to use headphones, + some don't, you will likely start sitting upright first. Depending on your unique presentation, I may obtain a bit of background from you, mainly on your family tree or possibly by tuning into your Chakras, assessing them + informing of any obvious blockages.


We allow your body + your subconscious to be our guide. If there are emotions that are ready to be released, choose what is most comfortable for you - to remain sitting, lie down or even recline into more relaxed positioning as you follow my clear cueing to help you to breathe them out of your body.


We observe the breath, + at times can even tell specifically where you were storing that held tension within your body.


You may want to have water nearby, a light snack + a blanket.



You mention ancestral healing, is this included in every session?


Quite often, the sessions become a journey that can lead us into your ancestry or into past lives, as many of us are carrying past conditioning + wounding handed down through generations in our lineages as well as unhelpful imprints from our entire soul's journey. It may be that you are carrying something from your maternal or paternal line that has really affected them + is present on your DNA + even the DNA of your children (if you yourself are a parent). If removed, it could add new levels of freedom to your own life’s journey. It is as simple as identifying what the emotions may be, acknowledging them with gratitude for all the lessons + then mindfully breathing it out.


Often, when someone steps up to work with me, not only are they as individuals being healed, but whole family healing begins to subtly take place. The session is still in your Highest and Best interest, first and foremost, but subtle effects ripple out to family members or close connections in your lives. I DO LOVE working with families and corporate leadership teams that operate like family. What your family members choose to do with the subtle changes that flow their way is their business, we continue to focus on YOU. 


I am very motivated to clear the way for + help our children who are here to usher in new, never seen before levels of love + light for the benefit of all of humanity.


I have also learned, through personal experience, it is best to remain focused within, + continue to unravel our own personal healing journeys + not be overly concerned with others. If others want to follow your lead, they will, if not, it may not be in the cards for them to awaken in this way within this lifetime.



How can I expect to feel after the treatment? 


There is a lot that goes on that is happening "behind the scenes", so to speak, as a result of our time spent together. 


Some clients have reported feeling head to toe tingly all over their entire body right after the treatment. I hesitate to go into the range of possible after-effects in too much detail as I do want each + every one of you to learn to trust + lean into the mystery of what will + can all unfold for you. It is very personal. Rest assured though, there are changes happening right down to the cellular level + at times DNA is being altered for the better.


Trust the mind body + spirit know best.

And that your Highest + Best interest are always held as the top priority. 



How do I take care of myself after the treatment?


Breathe. Connect with nature. Feel your body. Go easy on the Self. 


-Water / Light meals

-Meditation apps such as

 Calm, Headspace, Insight Timer (most free ones)

-Relaxed breathing

-Light movement or yoga

-Light walks or light stretching

-Epsom salt baths

-Rest + Relaxation

-Trust your body to lead the way

-Allow for Integration - whatever it looks like



When is it best to book a follow up session?


This is a great question. Clients who consistently commit to this work achieve incredible results in personal development + empowerment. Trust your intuition. If you are excited by this work + it feels right for you, then go for it! You will know if it is right for you. By following your inner guidance you will come to realize that if you have not been able to stop feeling like “I really should book with Trish again + those sessions really thrilled me" then follow those leads! Keep going! Those inner whispers are the exact right guidance + should be followed without hesitation.


I love working regularly with clients, be it in Deep Dives, One Month Journeys, or in group containers, when offered. I have clients who see me on a regular basis, as well as those whose visits are intermittent. The most frequent I tend to see someone is weekly. I love to work with you powerful change-makers + Self Healers on a consistent basis. Common frequencies for healing + deep dive sessions is around every 3 - 4 weeks. I have clients who have mapped out historically heavy times in their year based on their business + family routines, + so they commit to seeing me 4 to 6 x per calendar year. However, the more you commit to yourself + this work + "dig in", the faster your healing shifts + personal up-levels will unfold.


Should you have any other questions that have not been answered here, please take the time to reach out, send me a message through this website or contact me privately on social media.


I so looking forward to seeing you soon on zoom!

I cannot wait to connect with you all. 



xo Love, Trish

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