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"Working with Trish has been amazing for me in developing my self esteem and navigating the tricky balance of meeting my family’s needs, while attempting to go back to school and launch a new business. Trish creates an emotional environment of safety. In our discussions, I felt able to talk candidly about my difficulties. Trish is a good listener and seemed to hone in on exactly what was bothering me and would help to lift me into a more positive space where I could see new possibilities.
The emotional release work is extraordinary. Trish was able to hone in on specific times in the lives of family members and myself, identify where a strong emotion was stored and held, thereby affecting me in the present, as well as all those around me. Releasing these emotions was therapeutic and helped to set me free to see new possibilities and operate at a higher level in my own life.
This work was often accompanied by a coinciding physical shift, where my body was able to experience more ease and freedom, along with my emotional life. Beliefs that had previously limited me were also lifted.
I recommend working with Trish, wholeheartedly, if you are wanting to bring yourself to a new level of operating in your own life, or if you want to release things that are weighing you down, even if those things seem to be impossible or have gone on for years. It has really helped in my relationships with those near to me as well."


"I reconnected with Trish after a wake up call that physical pain and emotional pain are connected. I knew about cellular memory but I had no idea what Trish would uncover during our sessions. Trish is highly educated and a force in healing. Her passion is felt in each session allowing the opportunity to let go of the unnecessary baggage and get us to living our best now. I highly recommend Trish to my clients who are empaths and those open to massive shifts.

Here’s my personal story I shared after a session with Trish:

Trish - Thank you for today. After our session my mom called. Somehow she opened the door for me to speak fully to my abuse that she had no idea about. Instead of making me feel worse she supported me and spoke to me like I was fourteen and she validated my pain. She thanked me for having the courage and said that she was sad that I carried this so long alone.
Our work today prepared me to have a voice that was taken away and for my Mom to have the patience, love, and understanding to listen fully.
Bless you Trish"


"Trish was unafraid to accompany me in my suffering. Simply by being present + so grounded herself, she made me less afraid of myself and of the darkness I might find as I quietly forged on towards reclaiming my light + my personal power.
Trish has a gift for establishing an instant connection + my soul was invited to show up + feel safe to be fully seen. I was made to feel completely comfortable in her presence. There were no judgments, no shame, no desire to fix what I feared was broken in me; rather I was just held in support, unconditional love, + compassion, and permitted to freely express what had long been repressed.

I learned to connect to my center, to my breath, that space Trish refers to as "that place of personal peace within where only YOU can go". There is no roadway, no marked trail or map, but rather you find your way there based on a feeling, one that you won't soon forget + one that feels so good you'll want to return to it time + time again. I finally felt at home in my body once again.

Thank you for this. For all of it.

Thank you for elevating my hard-wired moods + eliminating my ingrained anxiety reactions into mindful pauses and measured responses. I never could have got here without your incredible + steady guidance."


"I began seeing Trish for treatment of back and shoulder injuries and the persistent pain that resulted. I have noticed a significant improvement in my range of motion, posture, and level of discomfort. I can now go about my day to day activities with much more ease and confidence.
Sessions are gentle and deeply relaxing and Trish is able to draw on her wide array of treatment modalities in order to tailor each session to meet the current need of her clients. Trish is a knowledgeable and dedicated professional who helped me to make deeper connections; understanding that part of our pain can also be deeply stored in our internal organs.
Compassionate and intuitive, a truly gifted healer.
Highly recommended!"


"Having Trish work with me on numerous occasions I can attest to her professional yet kind and caring manner. She can make you feel instantly at ease which makes each appointment even more effective whether in person or remotely. Her vast knowledge as a physiotherapist combined with her immense abilities as a spiritual healer enables her to find the best way to focus her healing for each individual. I not only felt physically better but I was also able to release emotionally. As with everything, the more open you are the more successful it will be. I highly recommend Trish to anyone who is need of releasing any type of pain."


"A few months ago, I started on the path to healing myself, along the way I reconnected with Trish. In my first session, I was wary about what it was she did, how the whole thing would work, and if it would even help. However, I was emotionally in a lousy place and decided to give it a shot, now I am so glad I did. As soon as I walked through Trish's door, I knew I made the right decision; she welcomed me with a big smile and an open heart. She is such a positive and uplifting spirit, and I could feel that energy right when we started. After our first session I felt like a huge weight lifted off me, Trish spent hours working with me and diving deep into emotions that my body (physically and mentally) had been holding on to for years. I can't even describe how amazing it is to have someone explain your feelings, ones that you couldn't even put into words. She helped me to take the first step to heal, and I cannot thank her enough. I continue to have sessions as often as I need, and I am so grateful to have her by my side throughout this journey."


"I have been seeing Trish for just over a year and I can't say enough good things about her and her practice! I felt an instant connection with her from our very first session together.

To be honest, I wasn't sure what would come out of our first session, but I was open and excited nonetheless. Her gifts are like nothing I had seen or experienced before. She helped me shift and release emotions and traumas that had been there for years - some I didn't even know I had. I left that first appointment feeling like a different person. I felt lighter and exhausted but felt a peace within myself, that I had never felt before.

She has not only helped myself, but my whole family, as we have all had sessions with her, even my 5 year old son.

Trish also has helped us understand and connect with our older son. She helped us see past his behaviours, so we could see the beautiful gifts he possesses. She has given us tools to help him through difficult times, especially when he is feeling overwhelmed. My son LOVES going to see her for treatments.

Trish has such a beautiful soul and her gentle and kind energy radiates from her. Her passion and amazing gifts have inspired me to look deeper within myself and I am so very grateful our paths have crossed."


"I have been seeing Trish for several years. Her down-to-earth approach and kindness have always put me at ease in her care. Although I initially saw her to treat my physical pain, her broader talents have also made me a healthier person both physically and emotionally. With chronic pain comes a lot of emotion. With Trish, I felt like my entire self was being healed, rather than just the symptoms I was experiencing. I felt less like a person in pain and more like a whole human being. If you are looking for a holistic approach to your pain, Trish is the ideal person to go to."


"Trish made me feel incredibly safe throughout the entire session which allowed me to open up without worrying about judgement, fear or resistance. As a result, I was able to "go deep" and help identify where I was holding tension + trauma in my body--some of which I had been holding since being in utero. I loved how the session wasn't limited to one hour and we could work through all that came up without it feeling rushed or unfinished. I could feel a lightness and many positive shifts in my life, work + relationships after my deep-dive healing experience that I continue to notice today. I highly recommend Trish and her services."


"Trish has been with me through thick and thin - I was so lucky to be introduced to her gifts in a time of early cancer diagnosis. She has helped navigate so eloquently in ways that I will be forever grateful for. Her ability to ground your energy while educating you on behaviours, energies and thoughts is so enriching. 

 Best time and personal investment spent. The current climate does not change impacts either - online sessions are as equally powerful as part of Trish's magic is her alignment to yourself and your health. 

 Take the leap - you are worth it!"


"Imagine, if you will, that you have this weight you are carrying around and it magically disappears, or that the nagging pain in your back you have been feeling for the last few days; somewhere during one of Trish’s sessions, all at once is gone. I have experienced all of that, plus the added benefit of a joyful uplifting of spirit. I have been reading and partaking in parapsychology for a number of years and ‘Trapped Emotions’ was a whole new phenomenon to me. I was more than excited when I discovered Trish and this wonderful method of releasing these emotional impediments. Trish is someone who wants to find out the answers as to why we experience the pains that we seem to accumulate. She has combined her years of studying the human body as a Physical Therapist along with her advocacy of these trapped emotions. Now, add to that her sensitivity and you are in the hands of a professional who wants the best for you, and delivers on ridding you of these unwanted irritations. Oh, and she is the friendliest person you could hope to meet. I look forward to our sessions and feel blessed with each encounter. I hope you check it out. You’re in for a treat."


"I am so grateful that my daughter met Trish as this process has changed my life. I have for a long time felt a sense of heaviness in my body which I had no tools to release. After completing my four weeks in a One Month Journey with Healing with Trish my body feels incredibly lighter. 

I finally feel more aligned due to this process. The tools that I have added to my tool box are many. I feel grateful that when I do feel misaligned that I know who to contact. 

Healing with Trish has been an incredible Journey that I will continue to stay connected with. Healing is an Inside Job. Thank you!"


"I would recommend Trish.

I felt an immediate rapport with her when she voiced exactly what I was struggling with.

She helped me release feelings that were holding me back and gave me tools to help change ingrained bad habits."


"It is hard to describe what a healing session with Trish is like. 


It's hard work, effortless, freeing + even fun. Most of all, it's effective! 


Using her science-based knowledge + intuition, Trish connects with body, mind + soul to help release the stress that has built up, not only from daily life but from our ancestor's lives too. 


I've enjoyed + greatly benefited from my sessions with Trish. 

The sessions work as well online as they did in person."


"Close your eyes and imagine you are living your best of pain, trauma, trapped emotions and unhealthy relationships. Imagine being released from all of this...and more. Some of it didn’t even belong to you, and yet you carried all the weight of it. However, all of it can be identified and released...not only for you, but also for those around you.


Trish’s focus on her clients makes one feel as if they are her ONLY client. Sessions are always so powerful, packed with knowledge, insight, and clearing. Treatments are all-encompassing; mind, body and soul. Trish’s ability to recall information, connect patterns, receive messaging, as well as correlate all these with her physiotherapy background, makes for the very epitome of a ‘total body experience.’ 


I’ve experienced the joyful release of so many of these things, am now living pain-free, totally attuned to my body and the messages it is receiving and sending, emotionally clear, enjoying healthier relationships.....and still growing!"


"Having been immersed in learning and teaching Personal and Professional Growth for over three decades, it is easy for me to recognize a great Teacher when I work with one. 


Trish humbly brings her full self to each opportunity, with a deep commitment to assisting individuals in their learning and growth, sprinkled with fun, energy, and wonderment.   


She has a unique and essential way of showing up that is a delight to be a part of. If you are seeking insight and practical ways toward the changes you desire, Trish can meet you there and walk the path with you!"


"I am very grateful for deciding to work with Trish. Her perspective on emotions, pain + relationships has helped my perspective on insecurities, feelings of rejection + understanding from where these can originate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Trish is so open + a joy to see when the zoom screen opens! I love that she respond to texts + emails with inciteful, encouraging comments + she always follow up with links or books + charts to help. Positive and cheerful, Trish is so easy to talk to."


"It was a pleasure working with Trish, in such an intimate way on a One Month Journey. This process exceeded my expectations, and the emotions and connections that were uncovered were unbelievable. Trish dedicated so much time to my process, and followed up after each session, which I so appreciated. Knowing me, and my family, personally certainly gave me an added bonus as Trish could see exactly where the process was taking me, and the potential impact it would have on all of us. It is only the beginning of my journey, which is a work in progress, and I look forward to Trish being part of it again in the future."


"I was slightly tired and a bit unsettled the day of my Deep Dive appointment,

but since then I've felt great! Obviously I'm paying more attention to how I feel than I would have before but it's as you describe, I seem to have this general sense of overall well-being and optimism.


It’s a familiar feeling, feels like my old self, like how I'm meant to be, but it's like I had forgotten that I used to feel this way. I had gotten used to feeling 'heavier' and little more burdened I guess, weird.


The best part is that after the session, my daughter said "I like you better now, I like your energy”.

If nothing else, by me doing this work I think it has shifted something slightly between us where she knows that I'm doing all I can to show up for her in the way she needs me to. She's still had some blow outs since but somehow we've been able to connect and work through them, and already I feel there's a little trust bridge that has been built."


"I have struggled to write a review for the work that Trish does not because my review wouldn’t be overwhelmingly positive but how do you describe in words, the gift of “lightness,” the gift of shedding all that worries you and that you have carried on your shoulders for far too long.


Trish is a healer in the truest sense of the word. I am so grateful for Trish and the work that she does." 


"After reading information posted by Trish Prevost regarding physical pain, I decided to do a "Deep Dive" session with her. My neck had been giving me fits, and I had tried massage, chiropractic, decompression and a number of other treatments for relief. 


During our session, Trish taught me to "cut the cords" that were attached to me, some of which were from years and years ago...even through my ancestry! We worked hard that session to identify where and how I needed to focus moving forward, and she gave me some exercises to do daily to help keep those pains at bay. 


After just one session, I felt significantly better in so many ways. 


Lighter, more focused, more energetic--but most of all the physical pain faded substantially and through the exercises I was given, eventually it went completely away! Amazing results that were achieved through a video session - no hands were laid on me, no structure was physically adjusted.


Try a will be so happy you did!"


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